• Seafest – Gorge Harbour Marina

    Cortes Island, BC

  • Shellfish Interpretive Center

    Located in Squirrel Cove

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A tribute to Cortes Island

osterThe words "Cortes Island" and "quality shellfish" are synonymous in many parts of the world.

Cortes Island shellfish growers pride themselves in their ability to grow and harvest a superior product from the pristine waters of British Columbia's north-central coast.

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Oyster Recipes


Delicious recipes from Cortes Island!

These delectable oyster recipes from Cortes Island will inspire you to new culinary heights, with barbecued oyster recipes, smoked oyster recipes, recipes for oysters in and out of the shell, recipes for hot oysters, cold oysters, and everything in between! Happy cooking!

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Cortes Island Leads the Way in Shellfish Innovation


Last year, the directors of the Bee Islets Grower’s Corp in Gorge Harbour set out to tackle a problem that has plagued the shellfish industry for years - the large billets of Styrofoam® used as floatation for shellfish rafts pose an environmental nuisance as they deteriorate with age.

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